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Alternate Investments Wine As An Asset Class:

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

The global financial crisis, market volatility and record interest rate lows over the past decade has led to an increased demand for more diversified investments, particularly physical assets that have intrinsic value, where supply is limited.

Investing in fine wine brings a raft of benefits. An asset such as fine wine when included in an investment portfolio provides important diversification, which mitigates risk and reduces levels of volatility – wine is a tax-free asset that performs consistently while providing portfolio protection in a way that traditional financial assets fail to offer.

Wine Equation along with Cult Wines offers industry leading fine wine investment and collection management services to an international audience. Our bespoke portfolio management service is designed solely around you. Your wine portfolio is tailored to your risk appetite, investment term and target returns. Our simple model allows you to benefit from our expertise without having to become an expert yourself.

“ The fundamental demand and supply imbalance that underpins this market has always seen prices for the greatest fine wines appreciate”

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