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Why it is essential to hold a bottle of Armand Rousseau 2010, Chambertin in your portfolio or your

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Often referred to as the wine of the kings, the jewel of Burgundy ‘Armand Rousseau 2010’ has delivered a stellar performance this year. It started trading at a market price of 17,796 pounds a case of 12 bottles, 750ml, at the beginning of this year and its price has rocketed to a sheer 43000 pounds (12 * 75) the end of September, a growth of about 141.63% in less than a year.

Fine wines are playing an increasingly pivotal role on the alternative investment landscape and have been changing the way an investor looks at the traditional investment market. Unique qualities, limited supplies and the thrill of owning a sought-after physical object make passion assets such as wine extremely attractive. Investment grade wines can deliver great returns with low risk and have been a stable form of investment despite market downturns.

Armand Rousseau, Chambertin is a combination of outstanding quality and history. It is known to be the wine that Napoleon drank everyday. As a wine investment advisor I highly recommend this wine to be included in your portfolio. We at Wine Equation provide you with exclusive investment options and cellar dressing services. For more details please reach out to me on

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