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Wine Investments


​Wine Equation has a dedicated focus towards wine investments. We are offering diversification of investment to mitigate risk in the form of fine wine investments. Market volatility, uncertain global economy, low interest rates have made traditional markets unattractive and therefore experts are looking into alternative investments  to hedge risk. These have led to the demand for more diversified investment portfolios across all asset classes. We provide our clients a single point of access to alternative investments, in fine wines & wine investment funds.

The Fine Wine Investment (FWI) market is an alternative asset class that has shown an average CAGR of 12.9% over a 10 year period, outperforming most major asset classes. Our objective is to include wines with strong potential for growth over the short, medium and long term at the same time minimising position risk. Our bespoke portfolio management services is tailored according to your risk appetite, investment term and target returns.

Investments are made in association with Cult Wines, London.

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